Security doors and windows can be loosely grouped into two significant categories:


Pacific Doors first began supplying a limited range of ‘cell’ type doors over 20 years ago. Since that time the range of products has been expanded to include units suitable for virtually all custodial requirements; from service duct doors through to prison wing doors.

The custodial products are offered as the ‘SPS’ range and has been subjected to an array of local and international tests on a fitness for purpose basis. Structural integrity and forced entry tests range from ASTM F1450-97 level, AS3555 level 4 to very specific tests designed by the New Zealand Department of Corrections. In addition, ballistic approval to AS2343:1984 and successful fire tests to AS 1530.4 have been achieved.

Pacific Doors has provided the door package to most of New Zealand’s Prisons, Police Stations and Mental Health Facilities during the past 20 years and is now pleased to announce its entry into the fully glazed door and sidelight portion of this market. Pacific Doors has recently obtained the ability to manufacture the renowned Forster System, sourced from Switzerland. On-going testing is currently being undertaken under the watchful eye of OPUS International Laboratories which will progressively turn this traditionally steel frame fire protection door and window system into a product compliant with the New Zealand Department of Corrections test criteria.


The Pacific Doors ‘Protector’ series of door sets developed, tested and released five years ago is designed to offer a combined range of protection levels against forced entry, fire, ballistic and blast attack.

These doors are utilised in a variety of internal and external situations including remote or isolated locations and come complete with mechanical multipoint locking hardware.

The Protector range is largely industrial by nature but provides proven and tested multiple protection confidence to a market which is unfortunately becoming more prone to illegal activity.

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