Fire Doors - Fire Resistance Rating 90 Minutes


The product table below gives a brief summary of our specialist fire door products by:

  • Fire Rating (measured in minutes),
  • Application (whether the door is hinged, sliding or Double Action)
  • Full datasheet, installation instructions and hardware possibilities of each door set.

Please note that there are other fire doors available within our suite of products that are not on the list below. Please use the navigation bar to access these products.

New fire testing guidelines are in place from 1 September 2022. Doorsets manufactured after this date may have limited options compared to doorsets manufactured prior to this date.

Fire Resistance Rating Product Code Door function Door Description Options
90 Minutes

The VP90 fire door set offers fire and smoke protection for up to 90 minutes. The VP90 is available in a steel frame and is suitable for interior or sheltered exterior environments. Multiple leaf facings,frame profiles and fixing methods are available.

90 Minutes

The VP90-S is a sliding fire door. The VP90-S is suited to interior commercial environments and is able to be manufactured in sizes up to 4m high x 3m wide. The door leaf can be either ply wood or steel faced. The VP90-S is activated by a counter weight system connected to either a fusible link or electromagnetic lock system.

90 Minutes

The Pacific SPS1-E door set is a reinforced detention or commercial security door fully encapsulated in steel. The SPS1-E specialises in resisting lever and battering ram attacks from either face. The SPS1-E is also able to provide fire protection up to 90 minutes.

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