In addition to being the largest manufacturer of commercial doors in New Zealand, Pacific Doors offers a range of further services in order to be able to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Design & Build

Pacific Doors is available to work with you on the design and build of your commercial project to ensure that that door, window and panel products that you are specifying are fit for purpose.

As part of the design and build offering, Pacific Doors will assign to you a customer services representative who will work with you to draw up your designs, check for any compliancy issues and guide you through the manufacture, delivery and installation process.

Architectural Consultancy

Architects and Designers are encouraged to contact Pacific Doors at the beginning of their commercial project to discuss ways in which our products and services can be used.

Issues around compliancy and fitness for purpose are the most common areas where Pacific Doors can use its vast expertise to guide architects and designers through the complex task of specifying products.

Pacific Doors has a mobile workforce that is available to to travel to wherever the need arises to ensure that they have an understanding of the complexities of the project, and how best Pacific Doors may be of use.

Testing Facilities

Pacific Doors has numerous testing facilities on site, such as our ISO standard 'Acoustic Testing Chamber', that allows Pacific Doors to test new products without long delays.

Pacific Doors conducts numerous fire, blast, attack and ballistic tests every year utilising many of the major testing facilities within New Zealand.

Should you require a product that is not currently tested, then please contact Pacific Doors to discuss your project requirements, as we may be able to help get the product tested.