Pacific Doors has been at the forefront of acoustic door, window and panel manufacture for over twenty years. The most critical factor for our acoustic products is the ability to certify them to an ISO (International Standards Organisation) level. This provides a high level of comfort to our clients whether they are acoustic engineers, architects or end users. 

Pacific Doors offers a range of:

Initially Pacific Doors relied upon outside testing facilities to certify its products; however this meant that research and development of new products was hindered by both the cost of testing and the logistics invlolved in testing at either Christchurch or Auckland.

In early 2010 Pacific Doors employed a leading Acoustic Engineering Consultancy to design its own on site acoustic testing facility in compliance with ISO 140-1, and this two chamber laboratory was constructed on site at the Pacific Doors premises in Seaview, Lower Hutt. The finished facility is used to test and develop combinations of construction elements then finally the completed full size product in accordance with ISO 140-3 utilising Norsonic microphones, sound level meters and Norbuild software.

Acoustic Doors

Released in May 2012, Pacific Doors ‘AD’ range of Acoustic doors replaced the original ‘SPA’ range. The ‘AD’ series offers a range of acoustic performance door sets from STC 35 – STC 43.

Key areas of development within our acoustic door range has been the successful testing of door sets with larger vision panels and a wider range of door facings, meeting stiles, door edges and frames. The AD series is also now available as Pair door sets, and can be added to our 'Hospital Range' of door sets up to STC 40.

Within the acoustic door range that Pacific Doors offers, is Interconnecting door sets, which have STC ratings in excess of 60. These door sets are in fact two doors hung in either a common or separate frame and are used in such situations as hotel/motel room separators, or music studio doors.

Fire rated acoustic doors are an integral part of the commercial building industry. Whether it is entry doors in a large apartment or hotel complex, or lecture theatre doors in a university, Pacific Doors offers a product that is manufactured to the highest fire door standard with certified acoustic performance to ISO 140-3.

Acoustic Windows

Pacific Doors offers a range of acoustic windows that are either single glazed or double glazed units.

With STC ratings ranging from STC 35 – STC 48, Pacific Doors can manufacture acoustic windows to any practical size.

Our range of acoustic windows also meets the standard of grade A safety glass according to NZS4223.

Acoustic Panels

Pacific Sound Absorption Panels are a product that was born out of demand from the market for a panel that could be used as ceiling or wall insulation.

With a certified NRC rating of 0.55, Pacific Sound Absorption Panels are a high performing product in the sound attenuation field.

***Note: This product is no longer available***

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