Fire Windows


Pacific Doors manufacture a wide range of Fire Rated Windows. These windows can be standalone windows, or attached to fire rated doors to act as a sidelight or overlight. As shown in the table below. Fire Rated Windows are available in timber or steel frames across multiple fire ratings. Timber framed fire windows are available using most species of timber provided that the timber is dense enough to meet the fire requirements.

Given the nature of timber fire rated windows, they are not recommended for external use where they will be submitted to the full external elements. Should you require an external fire rated window, we would recommend using the Forster Steel Glazed system which is also available from Pacific Doors.

Please note that all fire windows are fixed pane/non opening windows.

Fire Resistance Rating Product Code Product Description Options
30 Minutes

The FW30-P fire window is an insulated timber framed window that can be either a stand alone fire window, or attached to one of the VP30 series doors as a sidelight. The FW30-P offers large clear glazed areas and can be multiple panes high and/or wide. This window is intended for interior use.

60 Minutes

The FW60-P fire window is an insulated fire window that offers large pane sizes. Windows can be either single or multiple panes. The FW60-P is available in timber or steel frame, however size restrictions apply when using the steel frame. This window is intended for interior use.

120 Minutes

The FW120 fire window is an uninsulated fire window in a steel frame. The window can be either single pane or multiple panes. The FW120 can also be attached to a door frame as a sidelight or overlight. The FW120 is intended for interior use only.

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