Pacific X-Ray Barrier Window


The Pacific X-ray Barrier window is a steel framed window fitted with radiation shielding lead glass as required for secondary barriers in diagnostic x-ray rooms. The glazing is available in lead equivalency of 1 - 3.0 mm. The window is available in a range of lead-lined steel frames.

The Pacific X-ray Barrier windows are not available with a fire rating.


Glazing Type Maximum Glazed Area Max Height (mm) Max Width (mm) Frame Type Fire Rating
Timber Steel
LX-57B 2.95 m2 2556 2556   NA


  1. Sizes noted above are the clear view.
  2. Max. clear view size for a single pane window is 2556 x 1156 mm


Product Options



Frame Types & Profiles


Timber Frame

X-Ray Barrier windows are only available in a steel frame.

Steel Frame

The steel frame profiles listed below are available for the X-Ray Barrier window, with an internal backing of sheet lead.




For more in depth information on frame profiles and sizes, please see our Installation Instructions.

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