Pacific X-Ray Barrier Door Set


The Pacific X-ray Barrier door set is a side-hung solid core door set manufactured with lead or lead-equivalent core as required for secondary barriers in diagnostic x-ray rooms.

The Pacific  X-ray Barrier door set is available as a flush panel door or door pair, finished with a variety of facings and hung in a steel frame.

Pacific X-ray Barrier doors are available with fire resistance ratings of up to -/120/60 (Sm). The maximum lead equivalency of a fire rated X-Ray Barrier door is 1.5mm. Refer to datasheets for Pyropanel VP30, VP60, VP90 and VP120 Fire door sets for specifications.

Leaf Type

Core: Solid Core

Cappings: Pacific aluminium extrusion capping to vertical edges.

Facings: Medium Density Fibreboard with concealed sheet lead lining.

Leaf Thickness: Nominal 47mm thick.

Leaf Weight: 39kg/m2 for 1mm lead equivalent door.

Leaf Sizes: The X-Ray Barrier door set is available for manufacture to any practical size to suit client requirements. Thought should be given to the available sizes of leaf facings so that there are no visible joins, and so that the structural integrity of the door is not compromised.

Product Options

Leaf Facings

The facings listed below are available for the X-Ray Barrier door set

  • MDF
  • Oil Tempered Hardboard
  • Hardboard
  • Plywood
  • Timber Veneers
  • Metal Sheet, mild or stainless (0.6 - 1.0mm)
  • Aluminium Sheet (0.3 - 1.0mm)
  • High Pressure Laminate up to 1.5mm thick (eg: Laminex, Formica)
  • Sheet Vinyl (1.25 - 2mm)

Leaf Edges

The Pacific X-Ray Barrier door set includes aluminium extrusion capping to the two long edges. Standard finish is natural anodized (silver). Other leaf edges are available upon request.

Frame Types & Profiles

Timber Frame

X-Ray Barrier doors are only available in a steel frame.

Steel Frame

The steel frame profiles listed below are available for the X-Ray Barrier door set, with an internal backing of sheet lead.


Please note that for lead equivalency of over 5mm, a special frame design is required. Please contact Pacific Doors for more information.

Standard frames are three-sided only with no sill. Four-sided frames and/or custom sills may be available on request. For more in depth information on frame profiles and sizes, please see our Installation Instructions.

Meeting Stiles

The meeting stiles listed below are available for the X-Ray Barrier door set


Product Optional Extras

Vision Panels

Vision panels for X-Ray Barrier door sets are available with glazing that is rated to the lead thickness of the door leaf. Consideration should be given to the fire rating of the door set (if applicable).


There are no hardware limitations for the X-Ray Barrier door set, however consideration should always be given to fitness for purpose.

Building Product Information Statement