Pacific Neutron Shielding Door Set


The Neutron Shielding door is used for radiation shielding in medical linear accelerator bunkers. Doors are designed to suit specific applications and can be hinged swinging doors or sliding doors.


The shielding performance of the neutron shielding door is designed to meet criteria set by a radiation shielding consultant.

Panel Specifications

The size and thickness of the shielding door panel are dependent on the level of shielding required and the size and location of the opening.

A typical construction consists of a steel box structure with radiation resistant material.

Panel Facings

The standard facing is paint-quality steel, factory primed ready for site painting.

Additional decorative facings may be specified if required.

Door Operators

Suitable door operators are available to open and close large and heavy doors (swing or sliding door operators with electric drive motor).

The door operators can be provided with battery backup systems and can be manually released in the event of power failure.

Control Stations

Control stations with Open and Close buttons are supplied and located to suit the application.

Momentary press of either Open or Close buttons will initiate the open or close cycle.

Safety Systems

The sliding door is provided with sensors in the vicinity of the closing door, and a reversing edge on the leading edge of the door. If the sensors register presence or motion in the vicinity of closing door, or the door collides with an obstacle in its path, the door stops immediately and travels back into its open position.

A swinging door is similarly provided with sensors to prevent collisions with the moving door.


Installation of the door and its operating systems must be undertaken by Pacific Door Systems Ltd.

Pacific Door Systems Ltd have manufactured and installed Neutron Shielding Sliding Doors for the Wellington Regional Hospital in 2005 and 2007

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