Pacific Presto Security Door


The Pacific Presto Security Door is a steel door with a reinforced box section steel frame incorporating a range of infill panels including steel, glazing and voice transfer panels. It is hung on steel block hinges. This type of door set is ideal where large clear viewing is required.

Security Testing

Glazed Security Door

The PPSD door set has been tested with various glazing combinations to achieve Level 2 of AS3555.1-2003 "Building Elements - Testing and Rating for Intruder Resistance". Level 2 consists of two men attacking the window with a range of common hand tools in order to create an opening of at least 620 cm2.

Steel Infill Panels and Voice Transfer Units

A PPSD door set with steel infill panels and a VTU, fitted with a Southern Folger SS10300 slimline detention lock has been tested to Level 2 of AS3555.1-2003 "Building Elements - Testing and Rating for Intruder Resistance". The door set was tested for 63 minutes without failure.

A PPSD door set with steel infill panels and a VTU, fitted with a Southern Folger SS1070A detention slamlock with impacted 60 times with a 200kg cement filled canvas bag at 4.8 m/s. This is a standard test developed by OPUS Central Laboratories in 2002 which has seen frequent use in the testing of detention and security door sets. The door remained fully operational after the test.

Product Options

Leaf Sizes: The PPSD is available for manufacture to any practical size to suit client requirements, in either a single or paired door configuration.

Leaf Thickness: 50mm thick

Weight: 75-100 kg/m2 depending on the hardware and infill panels.

Glazing: Security glazing up to 22mm thick is suitable for use in the PPSD door set.

Finish: Standard preparation for interior use is powder coated. Standard preparation for exterior use is sandblasting followed by zinc arc spray to the frame then either priming or powder coating. Other finishes, or a paint quality door set are available upon request

Exterior: The PPSD is tested to AS/NZ 4284:2008 - "Testing of building facades" and complies with the requirements of NZS 4211:2008 - "Specification for performance of windows" up to and including the high wind zone.


Frame Types & Profiles

Steel Frame

The frame is made from 1.5mm cold formed steel box sections with internal steel reinforcing.

For more in depth information on frame profiles and sizes, please see our Installation Instructions.

Meeting Stiles

The meeting stiles listed below are applicable to paired door sets only.

Wall Types

The PPSD is suitable for installation in timber stud, steel stud and masonry walls.

The standard installation method for steel or timber stud walls is by 12g screws at max. 450mm centres.

The standard for masonry installation is M8 Excalibur screwbolts (or similar) at max. 450mm centres.

No fasteners are exposed to weather or the attack face.

Product Optional Extras

Voice Transfer Units

Door sets are available with perforated steel sheets which act as voice transfer units.


There are no hardware limitations for the PPSD door set, however consideration should always be given to fitness for purpose.