Pacific 5TI Hinged Door Set -/60/60


The Pacific 5TI is a medium to high security interior door. It is resistant to physical attacks with hand tools and power tools from either face. The single leaf door set also has certified resistance to fire, ballistic attacks and explosive blasts. The door leaf is a solid core panel fully encapsulated in steel sheet with seam welded edges and hung in a steel frame.

The Pacific 5TI is suitable for applications where higher levels of security are required. Typical applications include:

  • Secure store rooms
  • Cash Handling facilities
  • Computer & equipment rooms
  • High risk entry points
  • Commercial security door
  • Embassies
  Rating Standard Description
Burglar Resistance Class 5 ENV 1627-30 15 Minute attack with a range of hand tools and power tools
Fire Resistance FRR -/60/60 AS1530.4  
Bullet Resistance G1 AS/NZS 2343 .357 Magnum
So AS/NZS 2343 Shotgun 12 gauge 32g shot
Explosion Resistance EXR 3 EN13124 12kg TNT at 5.5 metres

The door set is intended for interior use. The hinge face of the door is the designated attack face.

The thickness of the 5TI door leaf is 51mm with an approximate leaf weight of 70kg/m2

Wall Type Fire Resistance Rating
Door Application Max Leaf
Height (mm)
Max Leaf
Width (mm)
Timber Stud Wall
Masonry Wall
-/60/60 Single 2150 1000


  1. This door set has a minimum size of 1673h x 792w.
  2. Sizes outside of the above ranges may be possible. Please contact PDS for more details.

Security Testing

The door set is rated to level 5 of the European ENV 1627-30:1999 “Windows, doors, shutters – Burglar resistance” which is the second highest level of the standard. The testing incorporates a static load test with applied loads of up to 1500 kg as well as manual attack for 15 minutes with a range of hand tools and power tools.

Ballistic Testing

The door set has been successfully tested to AS/NZS 2343:1997 “Bullet-resistant panels and elements” with ratings of G1 and S0. G1 constitutes an attack with a .357 calibre magnum revolver while S0 corresponds to a 12 gauge shotgun using 32g high velocity shot.

Explosive Blast Testing

The Pacific 5TI is tested to level EXR 3 of EN 13124:2004 “Windows, doors and shutters – Explosion resistance”.

An explosive charge of 12 kg TNT was detonated 5.5 metres away from the door.


The tested and certified door set can only be fitted with specific Mottura multipoint locking hardware. Any additional hardware required must be specified in detail at the time of ordering so that correct preparation of the steel door leaf and frame can be made.


Surface-mounted closers mounted on the inside face are recommended.


The leaf is hung on three fully mortised 4½” x 4½” stainless steel institutional hinges.

Mottura multipoint locking system

A Mottura 85.971 lock case is mortise fitted in the leaf. The lock case has four horizontal locking bolts plus a latch bolt and it also controls two vertical lock bolts.

A handle operates the latch bolt only, while the key operates the horizontal and vertical lock bolts.

The lock can be fitted with any double sided europrofile cylinder. The use of an Abloy “Protec” cylinder or similar is recommended for maximum security. A protective cover can be fitted to the lock if further cylinder protection is required. If a single sided europrofile cylinder is to be used it must be advised at the time of ordering.

Product Options

Leaf Facings

The leaf consists of a reinforced solid core fully clad with 1.2mm steel sheet. The steel encapsulation is seam welded around all four edges.

The 5TI is supplied as standard with a Resene 210 full prime system, to be fully finished on site by others. Factory finishing is not recommended due to the likelihood of damage to the finish during installation.

Leaf Edges

The 5TI has seam welded edges as shown below.

Frame Types & Profiles

Timber Frame

This door set is only available in a steel frame.

Steel Frame

The steel frame profiles listed below are available for the 5TI door set. The frame is fitted with two 20mm Ø steel hinge bolts.


Bullet Resistance rating requires the frame to be fully grouted or else to include ballistic protection in the frame.

For more in depth information on frame profiles and sizes, please see our Installation Instructions.

Meeting Stiles

This door set is not available as a pair.

Wall Types

The 5T1 door set can be installed into concrete and masonry walls or timber stud walls, however explosion resistance is specific to masonry wall installation.

Product Optional Extras

Vision Panels

Vision panels are not currently an option on this door set. Please contact Pacific Doors to discuss your requirements.


Overpanels are not applicable for this door set.

Additional Door Options

Push or Kickplates

Kickplates are not generally required on this door set.


Ventilation Grilles

Ventilation grilles are not applicable for this door set.

Thermal Insulation

This door leaf has a thermal insulation rating (R-value) of 0.615 Km2/W.

Technical Compliance Statement


The testing took place at OPUS Central Laboratories and is documented in their report “05-525521-0: Load Testing and Intruder Resistance of Pacific 5TI Security Doors for Pacific Door Systems Limited”.


The testing was carried out by Ordnance Developments Ltd., Wanganui, and is documented in their report “ODL 1990 TSTSVC no. 101090/4 – Report on the ballistic penetration of specimen panels”.


The testing was monitored by OPUS Central Laboratories and is documented in their report “07-529i05: Compliance Appraisal of Four Pacific Door Systems Ltd Doors to Explosion Resistance Standard EN 13124-2:2004”.