Pacific 3UE Hinged Door Set


The Pacific 3UE is a commercial grade exterior security door set. It is a lightweight door resistant to forced entry with hand tools from either face. The door set includes a multipoint locking system. The tested door is a single leaf only. Typical applications include:

  • Personnel or staff access door
  • Factory or warehouse door

The 3UE-X version includes panic exit hardware and is described on a separate datasheet.

This door set is suitable for both interior and exterior use. If panic exit hardware is required, please select the Pacific 3UE-X door type.

  Rating Standard Description
Burglar Resistance Class 3 ENV 1627-30 5 minute attack with a range of hand tools

Test results apply to a single door only, with the specification and hardware described. The hinge face of the door is the designated attack face.

The thickness of the 3UE door leaf is 45mm with an approximate leaf weight of 17kg/m2

Wall Type Fire Resistance Rating
Door Application Max Leaf
Height (mm)
Max Leaf
Width (mm)
Timber Stud
Not Applicable Single 2300 1089


  1. This door set has a minimum size of 1673h x 792w.

Security Testing

The door set is rated to level 3 of the European standard ENV 1627-30:1999 “Windows, doors, shutters – Burglar resistance”. This testing incorporates a static load test with applied loads of up to 600 kg as well as manual attack for 5 minutes with a range of hand tools.


The tested and certified door set can only be fitted with specific Mottura multipoint locking hardware. Any additional hardware required must be specified in detail at the time of ordering so that correct preparation of the steel door leaf and frame can be made. This includes any door furniture or items which may be screw-fixed to or through the outside face.


Surface-mounted closers mounted on the inside face are recommended.


The leaf is hung on four surface mounted 100x47mm stainless steel hinges.

Mottura multipoint locking system

A Mottura 85.371 lock case is internally mounted in the leaf. The lock case has four horizontal locking bolts plus a latch bolt and it also controls an additional two lock bolts near the top and bottom edge of the leaf.

A handle operates the latch bolt only, while the key operates the lock bolts.

The lock can be fitted with any double sided europrofile cylinder. The use of an Abloy “Protec” cylinder or similar is recommended for maximum security. A protective cover can be fitted to the lock if further cylinder protection is required. If a single sided europrofile cylinder is to be used this must be advised at the time of ordering.

Product Options

Leaf Facings

Both faces consist of galvanised steel sheet bonded to a steel perimeter channel. The core consists of high density polystyrene.

Leaf Edges

The leaf edges are capped with steel cappings.

Frame Types & Profiles

Timber Frame

This door set is only available in a steel frame.

Steel Frame

The leaf is hung in a four-sided frame of 2mm folded steel. The frame sections are mechanically joined at the corners without the need for welded joints.

The frame is fitted with two hinge bolts on the hinge jamb to prevent the removal of the leaf from the frame.

The frame is fitted with a concealed perimeter seal and the leaf can be fitted with a Raven RP26 weather seal along the bottom edge.

For more in depth information on frame profiles and sizes, please see our Installation Instructions.

Meeting Stiles

This door set is not available as a pair.

Wall Types

This door set is suitable for installation into a timber or masonry wall of equal security construction as the door type.

Product Optional Extras

Vision Panels

Vision panels are not currently an option on this door set. Please contact Pacific Doors to discuss your requirements.


Overpanels are not applicable for this door set.

Additional Door Options

Push or Kickplates

Kickplates are not generally required on this door set.


Ventilation Grilles

Ventilation grilles are not applicable for this door set.

Thermal Insulation

This door leaf has a thermal insulation rating (R-value) of 1.333 Km2/W.

Technical Compliance Statement

The 3UE achieved Class 3 of the European standard ENV 1627-30:1999 “Windows, doors, shutters – Burglar resistance”.

The testing took place at OPUS Central Laboratories and is documented in their report “05-525521-3: Load Testing and Intruder Resistance of Pacific 3UE Security Doors for Pacific Door Systems Limited”.