Pacific SPS1-E Hinged Door Set -/90/60 Installation


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Installation wall framing requirements

Pacific SPS1-E Hinged Door Set -/90/60

WALL TYPE: Masonry

Frame materials available:

  • EGZ - 2.0mm
  • Cold rolled galvanized - 2.0mm


  • Jamb fixings at 600mm centres nominal
  • Expansion anchors eg. M10 countersunk 'Ramset' Dynabolts
  • M12 countersunk masonry screwbolts (through adjustable spacer fixing bracket)

Head Fixing (minimum):

  • Single door - none required.
  • Paired door - single central fastener required.

Wedging Gap:

  • 0-10mm

Insulation rating:

To obtain an insulation rating, the steel frame must be packed with either;

  • Plasterboard (30 minutes)
  • Ceramic fibre blanket (30 minutes)
  • Grout (60 minutes)

No frame packing equals no insulation rating (i.e. -/xx/-)

S-D-SPS1-S-M-1FRR image