Pacific SPS1-E Hinged Door Set -/90/60


The Pacific SPS1-E door set is a detention or commercial security door, resistant to physical attack using hand tools, levers and battering rams from either face. The SPS1-E includes features designed to increase impact resistance and durability in high-use situations.

The door leaf is a reinforced solid core panel, fully encapsulated in steel sheet with seam-welded edges, hung in a steel frame.

A fire-rated version of the SPS1-E is available. Please note installation and other restrictions which apply

Most common applications include:

  • Institutional Detention door set
  • Prison Wing Door

The door set is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

The thickness of the SPS1-E door leaf is 50mm with an approximate leaf weight of 80kg/m2

Wall Type Fire Resistance Rating (FRR) Door Application Max Leaf
Height (mm)
Max Leaf
Width (mm)
Timber Stud3
-/90/60 (sm) Single 2350 1150
Pair 2350 1150


  1. Please note that the maximum leaf width shown above is measured per door leaf.
  2. The ‘sm’ above denotes that the door is available as a smoke control door set.
  3. An SPS1-E installed into a Timber Stud wall will not be fire rated.

Security Testing

The SPS1-E door set was subjected to 30 impacts from an SPS1 door leaf (weighing 110kg) at 4.8m/s, in the direction of opening of the door. This was intended to simulate using another door leaf as a battering ram. The door remained in its frame and locked at the end of the test, with paneling damaged but not broken.



Full mortise 4½” x 4½“ Institutional Hinges are standard (material is Stainless Steel 304).

The SPS1-E can also be installed on block hinges, for example as a cell door in a cast-in cell front. This option is not fire rated.

Pacific Doors also has its own designed and tested block hinge avaiable on request. This option is not fire rated.

Locks and Accessories

The leaf is solid core and therefore most surface mounted or mortised devices can be connected to it such as:

  • Mortise, cylinder or surface mounted locks
  • Frame-mounted locks
  • Door position or lock status switches
  • Flush or surface mounted handles
  • Power cable ducts

A wide range of electronic locks may be accommodated including electromagnet clamps, shearlocks, and electric strikes.

Multipoint Locking

Locking systems with multiple bolts including top and bottom bolts, internally fitted to the SPS1-E door set, are available from Pacific Door Systems.

Fire-rated SPS1-E hardware

The fire-rated SPS1-E may be fitted with a range of security hardware, including locks with steel components, any closers, pull handles and minor items of hardware provided they are non-combustible and fixed with steel fasteners. Note that fitting of deadlocks and other non-self-latching hardware will make the door set non-compliant in respect to the standard NZS 4520 Fire-resistant door sets.

Product Options

Leaf Facings

The SPS1-E is fully encapsulated in steel sheet.

Leaf Edges

The SPS1-E has seam welded edges as shown below.

Frame Types & Profiles

Timber Frame

This door set is only available in a steel frame.

Steel Frame

The steel frame profiles listed below are available for the SPS1-E door set


For more in depth information on frame profiles and sizes, please see our Installation Instructions.

Meeting Stiles

This door set is not available as a pair.

Wall Types

FRR Door Set

The SPS1-E fire rated door set can only be installed fully grouted into a concrete/masonry wall opening.

Non FRR Door Set

Timber stud walls

A timber stud subframe can be factory fitted to the main frame for connection to a timber stud security wall.

Masonry walls

Frames may be installed during or after construction of masonry walls. Several proven connection systems are available.

Product Optional Extras

Vision Panels

FRR Door Set Vision Panel

Glazing Type Maximum Glazed Area Max Height (mm) Max Width (mm) Glazing Bead FRR with Vision Panel
Per VP Total Steel Bead Up to 0.065m2 Over 0.065m2
Firelam 0.091m2 0.182m2 700 700 -/90/60 -/90/-

The standard glazing system provides a flush attack face and steel beading fixed via tamper resistant screws on the inside face.

Standard Vision Panel Cross Sections

Steel Bead


Overpanels are not applicable for this door set.

Additional Door Options

Push or Kickplates

Kickplates are not generally required on this door set.


Ventilation Grilles

Optional, stainless steel mesh inserted into the door core and faced each side with louvre grilles (maximum 200x200mm). Not available for fire-rated SPS1-E.


Food Hatch                 

A hinged, latching food hatch may be fitted to suit clients' requirements. Not available for fire-rated SPS1-E.


Hold-open device

The door has a maximum hold-open angle of 180o. Electromagnet clamps are standard hold-open devices.


Power Transfer Devices

Fully mortised devices, which fully conceal cables, are recommended (such as Von Duprin EPT-218). Hinges with integral wiring are also available.

Thermal Insulation

This door leaf has a thermal insulation rating (R-value) of 0.616 Km2/W.

Technical Compliance Statement

The SPS1-E fire door complies with the requirements of NZS 4520 Fire-resistant door sets when installed in accordance with Pacific Doors’ Installation Instructions into a complying fire-resistant wall, and when fitted with approved hardware.

NZS 4520 is referenced in the New Zealand Building Code Acceptable Solutions (Appendix C 6.1.1)

Pacific SPS1-E fire doors have been successfully fire-tested in accordance with AS1530.4, as referenced in NZS 4520 and in Appendix C 5.1.1.

The fire resistance achieved by the SPS1-E was FRR -/90/60

The SPS1-E fire door will satisfy the requirements of NZBC, B2 “Durability” under conditions of use, installation and maintenance specified by Pacific Doors, or specific contractual guarantees, whichever are overriding.

Security testing was conducted by Opus Central Laboratories Report 98-527903.66 "Intruder Resistance Tests on Three Door sets from Pacific Door Systems Ltd".