Pacific PSW60 Presto Steel Fire Window -/60/-


The Pacific Forster Presto -/60/- is a fixed glazing, steel framed fire rated window. It provides 60 minutes of integrity only.

The thickness of the window frame is 50 mm with an approximate glazed weight of 48 kg/m2

Glazing Type Maximum Glazed Area Max Height (mm) Max Width (mm) Frame Type Fire Rating
Timber Steel
Pyran S, 5 mm 1.97 m2 1676 1176   √  -/60/-
Pyran S, 6 mm 2.56 m2 2176 1176   -/60/-
Pyrobel 16 3.68 m2 2676 1376   -/60/-


  1. Sizes noted above are the clear view.


Product Options

Sizing Rules

The maximum allowed clear view is 2676 mm High x 1376 mm Wide using Pyrobel 16 glazing. One additional vertical pane can be added with a clear view of max. 266h (216h if exterior). Multiple panes may be joined horizontally by mullions.

A maximum overall window height of 3582mm is possible using two vertical panes of Pyran S glazing divided by a transom.

ACoustic Performance

A certified acoustic rating of STC 36 is available for this window type based on the glazing type and an adjustment to the window configuration. Please notify PDS if you require acoustic certification for your fire window.


Standard preparation for interior use is powder coating.

Standard preparation for exterior use is sandblasting followed by zinc arc spray (15 year weatherability grade) to frame.

Unit can be delivered with a powder coat finish or primed ready to paint.

Exterior Situations

The window is tested to AS/NZS 4284:2008 – “Testing of building facades” and complies with requirements of NZS 4211:2008 – “Specification for performance of windows” up to and including the Extra High Wind Zone.

Frame Types & Profiles

Steel Frame

The frame is made from 1.5 mm cold formed steel box sections.

For more in depth information on frame profiles and sizes, please see our Installation Instructions.

Wall Types

The Pacific Steel Fire Window -/60/- is suitable for installation in timber stud, steel stud and masonry walls.

The standard installation method for steel or timber stud walls is by 12g screws at max. 450 mm centres.

The standard for Masonry installation is M8 Excalibur screwbolts (or similar) at max. 450 mm centres. No fasteners are exposed to weather or attack face.

Thermal Insulation

The glazing used in this window has a thermal insulation rating (R-value) of:

Pyran S: 0.172 Km2/W

Pyrobel: 0.185 Km2/W

Technical Compliance Statement

The Pacific Forster Presto -/60/- fire window complies with the requirements of NZS 4232.2 Fire-resisting glazing systems when installed in accordance with Pacific Doors’ Installation Instructions into a complying fire-resistant wall.

NZS 4232.2 is referenced in the New Zealand Building Code Acceptable Solutions (Definitions)

Pacific Forster Presto -/60/- fire windows have been successfully fire-tested in accordance with AS1530.4 or BS476, as referenced in NZS 4232 and in Appendix C 5.1.1.

The fire resistance achieved by the Pacific Forster Presto -/60/- was FRR -/60/-

The Pacific Forster Presto -/60/- fire window will satisfy the requirements of NZBC, B2 “Durability” under conditions of use, installation and maintenance specified by Pacific Doors, or specific contractual guarantees, whichever are overriding.