Pacific VP90-FH Fire Rated Floor Hatch -/90/90


The Pacific VP90-FH Fire Rated Floor Hatch consists of one or two proprietary fire rated non-load bearing panels resting in a pressed steel frame. The steel frame is fixed to a timber sub-frame supported from timber truss chords or joists, which form part of the floor-ceiling or roof-ceiling system.

The access hatch permits the installation of relatively large plant into the ceiling cavity or removal of that equipment for maintenance purposes.

 Configuration Fire Resistance Rating
Max Aperture Height (mm) Max Aperture Width (mm) Panel Thickness
 Single panel -/90/90 1700 500 48
Two panel  -/90/90 1700 1275 48


  1. Two hatch panels with a removal mullion between are required to achieve clear apertures greater than 1700 x 500mm. The hatch panel frame must use a 25mm stop.
  2. A removable steel cover plate is required to obtain 90 minutes of insulation. Insulation rating without the steel plate is limited to 60 minutes.

Product Options

Leaf Facings

  • Ply

Leaf Edges

The leaf edges listed below are available for this panel.

Frame Types & Profiles

Timber Frame

The VP90-FH is not available in a timber frame.

Steel Frame

The steel frame profiles listed below are available for this panel.

Floor / Ceiling Specifications

Pyropanel VP90-FH Fire Rated Floor Hatch may be installed into a fire rated Gib Board® floor/ceiling system of appropriate FRR provided:

  • Maximum live load = 0 kg
  • Joist system must be adequate to support hatch weight at 100kg maximum.
  • There are no additional service penetrations in the ceiling system.

Optional Extras

A reed switch could be fitted to the assembly to monitor closed status.


Panel may not be hinged.

Technical Compliance Statement

Floor hatches are outside the scope of NZS 4520 and are therefore not labelled.