Pacific F0.5-AP Access Panel -/30/30sm


The F0.5 AP Access Panel is a fire rated wall panel screw-fixed into a timber frame. Access panels are outside the scope of NZS 4520 and are therefore not labelled.

 Wall Type Fire Resistance Rating
Max Panel
Height (mm)
Max Panel
Width (mm)
 Steel Stud Wall  -/30/30sm 2400 1050
Timber Stud Wall  -/30/30sm 2400 1050
Masonry Wall  -/30/30sm 2400 1050


  1. The ‘sm’ above denotes that the panel is available as a smoke control panel.

Product Options

Leaf Facings

  • MDF
  • Timber Veneers

Leaf Edges

The leaf edges listed below are available for this panel.

Frame Types & Profiles

Timber Frame

The timber frame profiles listed below are available for this panel.

Steel Frame

The F0.5 AP Access Panel is not available in a steel frame.

Wall Types

Timber Frames may be connected to timber stud, steel stud or concrete/masonry. Steel frames may be connected to timber stud and masonry (not steel stud). The minimum specification for each wall type is:

  1. Precast concrete (100mm thickness) or grouted blockwork (190mm thickness).
  2. Timber framing, minimum ex 75x50, with minimum lining thickness of 10mm Fyreline Gib Board® each side in accordance with Winstone Wallboards’ GBT30.
  3. Steel stud framing lined with Gib Board® in accordance with Winstone Wallboards’ GBS30 or higher, where the opening for the door is framed out with full height timber stud and a timber lintel.
  4. Universal Wall systems GBUW30a or GBUW30b
  5. Installation in wall types outside the scope of (1), (2) and (3) above is possible provided the door set is built into a wall of minimum specification (1), (2) or (3) extending a minimum of 300mm each side of the frame and to a full height of stud. This wall segment may then be abutted and joined to the non-complying wall.

Technical Compliance Statement

The system is an approved variation of the Pacific F0.5 door set, which has been fire tested to AS1530.4 and BS476.22.