Pacific Smoke Control Door Set -/-/-sm Hardware


Specific fire testing of hardware for smoke control doorsets is not required, thus is not listed as an option under FRR approved hardware selection.

Hardware should have minimum impact on continuity of smoke seals.

All smoke control door leaves must be self-closing (Appendix C C6.1.4) and the self-closing device needs to be adjustable to meet the frictional forces requirements. A self-closer mechanism which activates in the event of a fire but does not operate at other times is acceptable (C6.1.5).

In C/AS3 (Risk Group SI) 4.6.4, smoke control doors in smoke separations subdividing a group sleeping area firecell need not be fitted with self-closers.


Latching of Smoke Control doors is not specifically required by the NZBC Acceptable Solutions, however positive latching may be required to provide adequate sealing against smoke. If present, the type of latching or other hardware used must not interfere with the ability of the door to self-close.

Frictional Forces

Requirements for the maximum forces required to open any smoke control door on an escape route are set out in Appendix C6.1.3.

Hardware fitting instructions