Pacific VP30HR Double Action Timber Framed Door Set -/30/30sm Hardware


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Hardware fitting instructions

Surface Mounted Closers
Brand Series Product Door Code
EntroStyle D0701SIL Grizzly, D0601SIL Grizzly VP30HR DA
FL Bone L401 VP30HR DA
Closers- Double Action
Floor Spring
Brand Series Product Door Code
Dorma Dorma BTS75 VP30HR DA
Dorma Dorma BTS80F VP30HR DA
Dorma Dorma EMB VP30HR DA
Efco Efco EF840 (obsolete) VP30HR DA
Lockwood 7752 (MAB 752) VP30HR DA
Lockwood Lockwood 7310/7410 (obsolete) VP30HR DA
Lockwood Lockwood 7750 series VP30HR DA
Lockwood Lockwood FS840 (obsolete) VP30HR DA
Lockwood ST8011SSS VP30HR DA
Head Spring (Transom Closers)
Brand Series Product Door Code
Dorma Dorma RTS85 (with steel cover) VP30HR DA
Lockwood Lockwood 9800 series, in conjunction with door stop / travel limiter limiting opening to 90 degrees only. Special detail required. VP30HR DA
Lockwood Lockwood Efco OTC series VP30HR DA
Ryobi Ryobi 10 series (steel frame only) VP30HR DA
Ryobi Ryobi 30 series (currently Non-compliant, please talk to a PDS representative) VP30HR DA
Brand Series Product Door Code
Assa Abloy Abloy EL414 Electric Lock VP30HR DA
Assa Abloy Abloy EL415 Electric Lock VP30HR DA
Loktronic Loktronic Power Bolt (obsolete) VP30HR DA
Trimec Trimec ES 8000 V-lock VP30HR DA
Panic Exit Lock
Brand Series Product Door Code
Surelock McGill Surelock McGill Multiple Bolt B1 VP30HR DA
Door Operators
Brand Series Product Door Code
Ditec Transit UE (Obsolete) VP30HR DA
Ditec Wel E (Obsolete) VP30HR DA
Locks and Latches
Cylindrical / Tubular Locks and Latches
Brand Series Product Door Code
Austral BANQ (Key in lever) VP30HR DA
BioAxxis ThumbLock VP30HR DA
Gainsborough G+ Series Battery or Mechanical Lockset (with Apex or Volt faceplate and Tilt, Fold, Angular, or Verge handle) VP30HR DA
Kaba AL53 (Entrance function door lever set) VP30HR DA
Electric Latches
Brand Series Product Door Code
Assa Abloy Cobalt DA (As a secondary latching device. Mounted in head of steel-framed doors only. Use only with shortened striker 140mm long.) VP30HR DA
Mortice Locks & Latches
Brand Series Product Door Code
Able Security Group Be-Tech Guardian G107M-69A Series Hotel Lock VP30HR DA
Austyle 49219SC (Non deadbolt version only. Deadbolt does not comply with NZS 4520) VP30HR DA
EntroStyle A0100 Stallion door lockset VP30HR DA
Gainsborough 3000 series with Gainborough Couture Aero with a square rose and painted lever set VP30HR DA
Gainsborough 3000 series with Gainsborough 9400 Stainless Steel lever handle and a 10E4ESS Escutcheon VP30HR DA
Kaba 790 RFID (Mortice Lock version) VP30HR DA
Kaba MS7 (Extended Backset Mortice Lock) VP30HR DA
Lockwood 5572SC Extended backset Mortice Lock VP30HR DA
Polymath PLM777 Sentinel Fingerprint Lockset (obsolete) VP30HR DA
Saflok RT RFID Lock (Mortice Lock Version) VP30HR DA
Roller Latches
Brand Series Product Door Code
Clifton Clifton (Requires fusible drop pin for Single Action, Stainless Ribbons for Double Action) VP30HR DA
Kevdon Kevdon VP30HR DA
Legge Legge (Erubus) 1511 VP30HR DA
Pyropanel / UDM, Pyropanel, UDM FR Roller latch VP30HR DA
Pyropanel / UDM Pyropanel / UDM VP30HR DA
Sopers Soper SP15201 VP30HR DA