Pacific SPA37-FD Fire Acoustic Door Set -/60/60sm


The SP-A37-FD is a tested Acoustic door set which also complies with NZS 4520 Fire-resistant door sets, as referenced in the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC Appendix C 6.1.1).

  • STC rating 37
  • Fire Rating -/30/30sm or -/60/60sm.

The door set configuration is a single leaf flush panel door leaf hung in a steel frame. It includes frame-mounted perimeter seals and a compression seal & threshold plate at the sill.

The thickness of the SPA37-FD door leaf is 50mm with an approximate leaf weight of 28kg/m2

 Wall Type Fire Resistance Rating
STC/Rw Rating Door Application Max Leaf
Height (mm)
Max Leaf
Width (mm)
Steel Stud Wall
Timber Stud Wall
-/60/60sm 37 Single 2700 1200
Masonry Wall -/60/60sm 37 Single 3000 1200


  1. Please note that the maximum leaf width shown above is measured per door leaf.
  2. The ‘sm’ above denotes that the door is available as a smoke control door set.



Adjustable seals, screw-fixed to frame.

Bottom Seals

Compression seal, Type B.

Product Options

Leaf Facings

The facings listed below are available for the SPA37-FD door set

  • MDF
  • Hardboard
  • Oil Tempered Hardboard
  • Plywood
  • Timber Veneers *
  • Fire Rated Formica
  • High pressure laminate up to 1.5mm thick (e.g. Laminex, Formica)
  • Decorative timber mouldings/panels
  • Aluminium sheet (0.3 – 1mm)
  • Acrylic - vinyl sheets up to 1.5mm thick (e.g. Acrovyn, Korogard)
  • Sheet Vinyl (1.25 – 2mm)
  • Metal Sheet, mild or stainless (0.6 – 1.0mm) *
  • Laminex Decoral


  1. Of the above facings only those marked * may extend around the door edge.
  2. Steel frames are required where metal capping is used.
  3. Standard Paint Quality doors are allowed ‘non-clashed’ to provide best surface for finish painting.
  4. Please note: SPA37-FD doors may have a visible ripple in the facings when painted. This is due to the method of construction of the acoustic door and cannot be altered. 
  5. Other facings may be available, please contact Pacific Doors to discuss further options.

Leaf Edges

Paint-quality doors have unclashed edges.

Timber veneer faced doors are clashed on the vertical edges with solid timber.

Frame Types & Profiles

Steel Frame

The steel frame profiles listed below are available for the SPA37-FD door set

For more in depth information on frame profiles and sizes, please see our Installation Instructions.

Meeting Stiles

This door set is not available as a pair. Please refer to the SPA29-P door set.

Wall Types

Jambs may be connected to timber stud, steel stud or concrete masonry. The minimum specification for each wall type is:

  • Precast concrete (100mm thickness) or grouted blockwork (190mm thickness).
  • Non-load bearing timber stud partitions of minimum specifications GBT60a or GBT60b. Note that steel framed VP60 door sets may only be installed in walls of minimum stud size ex 100x50mm (Gib® Fire Rated Systems).
  • Non-load bearing steel stud partitions of minimum specification GBS90 (timber framed doors) or GBS60 (Steel framed doors) (Gib® Fire Rated Systems).
  • Universal Wall systems GBUW60a or GBUW60b

Product Optional Extras

Vision Panels

Glazing Type Maximum Glazed Area Max Height (mm) Max Width (mm) Glazing Bead FRR with Vision Panel
Timber Aluminum Up to 0.065m2 Over 0.065m2
Georgian Wired 8% of leaf 850 300   -/60/60 -/60/-
Firelite 8% of leaf 850 300   -/60/60 -/60/-


  1. Please note that the height and width of the vision panel must still fall within the maximum glazed area.
  2. The vision panel can be up to 8% of the area of the door leaf.
  3. Glazing types marked with * indicate Grade A Safety glass.

Sidelights and Overlights

Sidelights and overlights are not an option on this door set as it would impact the acoustic performance of the door set.


Overpanels are not an option on this door set as it would impact the acoustic performance of the door set.

Additional Door Options

Push or Kickplates

Kickplates of any kind can be surface mounted to this door set.


Ventilation Grilles

Ventilation Grilles are not an option on this door set as it would impact the acoustic performance of the door set.


V-grooves are not an option on this doorset.

Thermal Insulation

This door leaf has a thermal insulation rating (R-value) of 0.645 Km2/W.

Technical Compliance Statement

The SPA37-FD fire door complies with the requirements of NZS 4520 Fire-resistant door sets when installed in accordance with Pacific Doors’ Installation Instructions into a complying fire-resistant wall, and when fitted with approved hardware.

NZS 4520 is referenced in the New Zealand Building Code Acceptable Solutions (Appendix C 6.1.1)

SPA37-FD fire doors have been successfully fire-tested in accordance with AS1530.4, as referenced in NZS 4520 and in Appendix C 5.1.1.

The fire resistance achieved by the SPA37-FD was FRR -/60/60

The SPA37-FD has been tested to and met the physical endurance requirements of NZS 4520 Appendix A.

The SPA37-FD fire door will satisfy the requirements of NZBC, B2 “Durability” under conditions of use, installation and maintenance specified by Pacific Doors, or specific contractual guarantees, whichever are overriding.

Complete door sets are tested to ISO 140-3 in a purpose-built facility that meets the requirements of  ISO 140-1.